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Motorcycle Accidents

These are the most common types of accidents that occur. Hence, you should come to us to know how we can help you when these incidents do occur.

Construction Accidents

It is important to get insured since construction accidents are quite common no matter how careful one can be. Consult with us to know the best way forward.

Personal Injury

Know your rights when you have been injured due to someone’s carelessness. We understand the gravity of the situation and let you know the best way to approach it.

Galveston Personal Injury Attorney

Your personal attorney is here to guide you through the most complicated accident cases. Contact us to sort the situation out at your earliest.

Bastrop, Texas Personal Injury Attorney

Come to us if you are looking for a personal injury attorney. We
will help you get your compensation.

Boating Accidents

These mishaps do happen and we know how we can help you make the most of the situation.

Work Injuries

Know your work rights and employee benefits. The onus is on the employee to give you compensation.

Catastrophic Injuries

Have you lost your loved one in a mishap or have you had a life-threatening injury? Do not hesitate to call us to fight your case.

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Cases We Handle

Pedestrian Accidents

We never know when we get injured on the road. Look for an attorney right away to get compensation for the damages.

Slip & fall accidents

Do not think twice before consulting us before slip and fall accidents. Know the possible gaps that you may utilize.

Car accident crash flipped upside down, road closed by police

Wrongful death accidents

We ensure that the perpetrators do not get away with the damages and that justice is served to you.

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Personal Injury Lawyer

What a Personal Injury Lawyer Does

A personal injury lawyer is a professional who represents the people who have sustained injuries in accidents due to the other party’s negligence. These professionals help the victims receive justice and financial compensation for the injuries and damages resulting from the event. You must hire a personal injury lawyer in cases where you are sure that the other party is responsible for the accident. In the case of a mass transportation attack involving multiple parties, hiring a personal injury lawyer can significantly make things easier and less complex. Many insurance companies try to offer the minimum settlement to satisfy the client and resolve cases quickly. Hiring a personal injury attorney can also ensure that you are compensated fairly. However, it is important to note that not every accident case requires a personal injury lawyer, one example being cases with minimal damages and injuries. Here are some of the tasks that a personal injury lawyer does on your behalf: Professional Advice

Professional Advice:

Accidents can cause a lot of mental anguish in addition to physical injuries. For many people, this is a traumatic time where they cannot think properly or make decisions that are not clouded by emotions or stress. During this time, your priority might be to heal quickly and to get financial compensation. Personal injury lawyers can protect your rights and deal with complex legal matters to get you the maximum financial compensation possible. They can provide professional advice according to your specific circumstance, walk you through your rights and inform you about the amount you are rightfully entitled to claim. By hiring a personal injury lawyer, you don’t have to wait to heal completely before filing a personal injury financial claim.

Investigation and Discovery:

Personal injury lawyers only get paid when they are successful in getting a favourable claim. Therefore, they put great effort into choosing their clients; they only select the ones they are sure of winning. When you appoint a personal injury lawyer, they investigate and gather all the evidence that points towards the defendant’s responsibility in causing you damage. This evidence includes photographs, video footage, accident reports, medical reports and bills, employment records and reports, property damage reports, police reports etc. To gather evidence, they might also find and interview witnesses to record their statements.

Negotiation and Representation:

After the economic and non-economic damages are calculated, personal injury attorneys communicate with the insurance companies on your behalf. They study the terms and conditions of your health insurance policies and can help you recognize whether an insurance company is trying to make a settlement offer that is too low compared to what you rightfully deserve. During this time, the lawyer may also be gathering evidence and building a strong case against the offender in case your negotiation claim falls through. After your personal injury attorney sends the demand letter claiming financial settlement for damages, they will further communicate with the insurance company and provide you advice so that you don’t do anything that might jeopardize the claim. If the insurance company is not ready for settlement, the lawyer files a lawsuit in a court where he will represent you against the defendant.

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